About Us

We are a US based company, with headquarters in Fremont, California. We provide a comprehensive range of software and technology solutions to the business world. Our technology and marketing alliances with reputed companies across the world enable us in providing seamless support and services to our customers.

Our domain expertise across industry and business verticals enables us to offer high quality, IT-based Business Management solutions; Workflow and ERP solutions; Custom Software Development solutions; Application Development. We have integrated and implemented our proven solutions to companies of varying sizes and geographical reach.


Our expertise ranges from helping customers setup businesses, re-structure their business, and help maintain their competitive edge in an ever-changing marketplace. Our success, over the years, is the result of our focus on understanding the inherent business needs of our customers, and consistently meeting their expectations. Our reach now extends over many a country around the globe, and catering to large multinationals, mid-size and small enterprises.

With state-of-the art infrastructure, the latest hardware and software advancements, analytical and testing tools, our teams of qualified and experienced professionals have created technology-intensive transformations that successfully meet the stringent international quality standards. In today’s dynamic environment, our innovative and dedicated teams adopt proprietary and futuristic business & technology strategies that have brought us recognition and helped us empower our clients towards improved performance and profitability.

Opportunities arise on the ability to spot and quickly respond to the changing market and business needs. Most businesses compete within similar market conditions, and the differentiator is their ability to rapidly implement innovative technology driven solutions to achieve a competitive advantage. With its proven expertise Fisec Global is positioned to help businesses to the next level.

Mission Statement

We unite talent with opportunities and believe there is an opportunity that fits every person and a person that fits every opportunity.
Our mission is to be a leading information technology and staffing company, by:

  • Delivering value to our clients; by providing quality technical services and solutions at cost-effective rates.
  • Delivering value to shareholders through consistent growth and strong profitability
  • Driving businesses to the next level with the state of art technology and services
  • Providing the best working environment for our consultants and staff



Our core vision is in helping businesses to be successful with cutting-edge technology and information systems.

Fisec Global is dedicated to meet the needs of business and industry by providing superior and reliable consulting, through contract services and technical staffing services.

Our aim is to be recognized as one of the leading technology organizations providing technical staffing solutions.

Our goal is to build and maintain long-term partnerships with our clients, by ensuring all their Information Technology needs are effectively met by our professional and staffing resources.

Our Aim is to be acknowledged as a leading consulting company and be the ‘go to organization’ with the global business community.

Our guiding philosophy is in being client-centric. Our focus is to be receptive to client needs and to deliver workable solutions – solutions defined by the client’s challenges and goals.

Core Values

Belief in people

Every one of us have some special qualities and capabilities. Identifying these abilities and providing an encouraging working environment, is the outcome of our deep belief in people. Fisec Global believes that its true strength lies in the potential of its associates, and ensures their recognition, provides training and support, and mentoring them to be team players. This acts as a catalyst in infusing new energy and confidence in each of our associates, to strive for excellence.

Customer Centric Approach

As a customer-centric focused organization our approach goes beyond standard customer participation methods and makes customer input an integrated, formalized part of setting program goals, performance measures, and standards. This passion enables us to provide our customers with tailored solutions that dynamically manage inputs and deliver valid outputs to help them be ahead of the competition. The long-term relationship we have with our clients makes us proud, and is a proof of our expertise in providing excellent solutions and service.

Thrust For Excellence

Our thrust for excellence, comprehensive quality assurance and a thorough testing of each application, guarantees the best possible solution. Our clients benefit from the coordinated implementation and management of their technology programs. The quality-oriented approach helps in reducing operational costs, increase efficiencies and profitability.


Integrity is at the core of our values in conducting our relations with our associates and customers. We are fully aware of our strengths and competencies and undertake only those projects where we can deliver effective solutions that meet the customer’s expectation.


Time is money. We understand this and are committed to meeting deadlines. And ensure each task is executed in a planned, structured, and consistent manner to create applications of quality, with the committed deliverables, on the agreed schedule. You can bank on our services!

Result Oriented

Return on Innovation (the new RoI) is critical in achieving the right balance between IT spends and gaining a competitive edge in the market place. We provide innovative, scalable and future-ready solutions for businesses to make smart, result-oriented investments.


We are process centric with the ability to be flexible in meeting our customer’s changing needs. Our focus is on creating innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions.