Media and Information Services

The digital age has revolutionized information services across the globe. The traditional ways of disseminating information has undergone a sea change and several revolutionary ideas are charging up the sector. These new ideas have enabled media to cut across borders in disseminating information. This seamless integration of information and technology has ushered new areas for businesses – to operate and to penetrate to new customers in hitherto new unknown areas.

Across the sector new products are being designed, services reconfigured and businesses adopting new models, with ‘interactive’ being the buzz word. The continuous innovation in products and services offered in the media and information sectors are providing businesses with new investment avenues.

Fisec Global with its proven models offers clients better solutions by bringing a significant change in the product mix and increasing revenue generation. With innovation in product offerings and business streams Fisec Global can point to new revenue streams for businesses in the digital age. With increased pressure to deliver across multiple channels, the right mix of IT infrastructures and sustainable solutions will ride high on the digital tide.

Client Challenges

  • Create and develop content value
  • Increase revenue from all channels
  • Need to work on new distribution channels
  • Innovation in product offers
  • Possess deeper insights into consumer behavior
  • Provide cost-effective solutions