Our initiatives have helped the government to achieve efficient delivery, cost savings and reduction in wastage. Public utility companies that cater to large sections of people are showing a keen interest in modernizing operations and achieving good results in service delivery. To achieve this, the management of data and information sharing play a crucial role.

Fisec Global has worked with various government entities at different levels, and understand the need for the transparent administration of services as well as the need to provide benefits to the target group at a reduced cost. The time taken to deliver and confirm the efficacy of service is essential in ascertaining customer satisfaction. We are able to offer precisely such solutions to our customers through our tested methodologies. A comprehensive end – to – end approach enables us to deliver the product in the shortest time.

The policy enactments often tend to contain details to meet the requirements of a large section of people. For optimal utilization of resources in delivery of services, technology plays important role. It provides transparency and efficiency that are needed in delivery mechanism, which are otherwise known to function at a lesser speed and lacks transparency. We work closely with the institutions and offer solutions that provide more transparency and speedy delivery of service to the target groups in a quick time.

Client Challenges

  • To ensure service delivery to consumers
  • Provide specific services to senior citizens, farmers and women
  • Increase the efficiency of local governments in delivering services
  • Provide responsive service delivery mechanisms
  • Transparency in public expenditure
  • Enable the underprivileged in taking part in government schemes
  • Rate the success of various governance systems