CFD Analysis

Fisec Global has a huge team of expertise in the area of CFD. we perform a wide range of CFD Analysis suitable for multiple industries.

Our specialties in CFD analysis includes:

  • Mesh generation for varieties of CFD analysis, including the structured, unstructured, polyhedral meshes.
  • Analysis for internal/external flow problems involving incompressible/compressible flows and/or heat and mass transfer and/or Combustion simulation.
  • External Aerodynamics of aero-vehicles from sub to hyper-sonic. Helicopter and weapon aerodynamics.
  • Aircraft cabin environment control
  • Aero-acoustics
  • Gas Turbine by-pass and passage Flow; Gas turbine combustion; Gas Turbine Engine Thermal Management
  • Flow simulations in rotating machinery; Cooling Of Gas Turbine Blades; Propulsion; Combustors; Tip and casing treatment
  • Furnace and boiler design and development; Pressure-vessel design; Nozzles, cavities, ducts and nacelles
  • Piping design and plant design systems
  • Spacecraft Heat Transfer
  • PCB & Electronic System Cooling
  • External aerodynamics of automotive vehicles; Engine intake system flow analysis through filters, in- take ducts, manifolds, ports; Engine cooling analysis; Thermal management of the engine system; Thermal management of under-hood components; In-cylinder flow analysis; Combustion and emission analysis in Diesel & Petrol Engines; Exhaust system analysis
  • HVAC system analysis; Compressors and fans; Defrosting, Industrial pump; Torque converters; supercharger, turbocharger, heat exchanger, etc.