Fisec Global specialize in providing engineering services to several industries such as Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Manufacturing, fabrication, Architecture-Engineering & Construction (AEC), Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Engineering, Turbo-machinery, Energy & Power, Oil & Gas, Consumer appliances, Industrial appliances, medical appliances industries in their mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical system design, validation, development, testing and fabrication including after sales services using advance design techniques of CAD, CAE, CFD analysis along with Design Of Experiments.

We enjoys the privilege of having helped many highly reputed organizations around the world maximize their productivity through our engineering services -to name a few: Bomag Group USA for P&G, HCP Engineering Denmark, SPX USA, Trex Enterprises USA, MSTC Technology USA, CFD+Engineering Germany for VW, New Holland Tractor India, Sanden Vikas India, ECIL India, ESSAR India, Infotech India for Philips, Fiat, Toyota, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Chrysler, Nissan, Renault, Daimler, GKN, John Deere, Axis-IT&T India for Caterpillar, Idola fori India, etc.

We will be well positioned to undertake any form of services in the area of engineering solutions along with manufacturing, ERP, e-commerce and e-strategy, applications development for Web-centric business models as a end-to-end solution, which is now need of the day.

We work hand-in-hand with Enterprises in their Engineering Projects and offers Engineering Services Portfolio, which includes “Engineering Design Services and Support” and “Manufacturing Services and Support”

(A) Our “Engineering Design Services and Support” includes:
(a) Turnkey Projects
• End-to-End Engineering Solutions
• Engineering Project Management, and
• Engineering Data Migration and Version Upgrades.
(b) Technical Services
• Engineering Projects Technical Services
• Engineering Software and Hardware Services, and
• Engineering Technical Knowledge up-gradation services.
(c) ‘On-site’ and ‘Offshore’ Services
• Onsite Staff Augmentation
• Onsite Vicinity Center
• Offshore Dedicated Center
• Joint Venture Offshore Dedicated Center, and
• Offshore Development Center.

We also provide “Engineering Design Services and Support” in the following areas discussed below.
• CAD Services
• CAM Services
• FEA Services
• CFD Services
• PLM Services
• PDM Customization and Implementation
• Software Expertise
• Engineering Software Development
• Software Validation & Verification, and
• Engineering Software Training

(B) Our “Manufacturing Services and Support” includes:
(a) Turnkey Projects
• End-to-End Manufacturing Solutions
• Manufacturing Project Management, and
• Manufacturing CNC Data Generation and validation.
(b) Technical Services
• Manufacturing Technical Services and Support
• Manufacturing Software and Hardware Services and Support, and
• Manufacturing Process Design and Knowledge up-gradation services.
(c) ‘On-site’ and ‘Offshore’ Services
• Onsite Staff Augmentation
• Offshore Dedicated Manufacturing Center
• Joint Venture Offshore Dedicated Manufacturing Center, and
• Offshore Manufacturing Center.

We provide “Manufacturing Services and Support” in the following areas discussed below.
• Conceptual design, embedded design, detailed design, tool design, repair and overhaul tool design
• Manufacturing Services and Support
• Repair and Overhaul Development Engineering, and
• Technical Publications

A complete solution provider for Product Lifecycle Management