Tool Design

Technology Coupled with decades of Domain expertise makes Fisec Global provide best in class tool design services Today’s manufacturing is powered by precision and quality. To ensure this, it is essential that companies possess a set of powerful, intuitive, and integrated tools that work seamlessly across the entire design flow. We have the capability to build a tool as per your specifications and to your required Quality Standards. Knowledge across wide spectrum of tool design verticals with strict adherence to customer standards and Industry standards makes it easier and quicker for us to deliver with in short span of time frame All of our designs are completely modeled in a 3-D solids format. This not only prevents errors in detailing, it also ensures that no interferences are overlooked. In addition, it allows us to provide our customers with not only 2-D profiles, but also 3-D surfaces, solids, cutter paths, certification and inspection data. Utilizing the latest technologies in simulating and assembling the die in 3D zeroes down design errors.

Our Tool Design Capabilities:

  • Jigs and Fixture Design
  • BIW Welding Fixtures
  • Multi-Component Holding Fixtures
  • Assembly and Inspection Fixtures
  • Special Cutting Tools


  • Fisec Global is determined to use CEAD Technology in their every client projects to reduce the cost of ownership of project by 40%